Terms and Conditions


  1. Execute the work set out and agreed to as detailed herein, with the full understanding that the quotation is a best of expected costs, and is only valid for 21 days.
  2. Utilise sub-contractors as nominated by Mowcare.
  3. Dispose of any parts replaced by Mowcare at your discretion.
  4. Expect me to collect or accept delivery of equipment within seven days of notification by telephone that the work is completed.
  5. Charge a quotation fee as per signage displayed in the shop.
  6. Apply a storage fee of R7.00 per day for goods not collected with 2 months of quotation date. Goods confiscated will be sold to defray expenses.
  7. Expect payment for all repair work done on a cash COD basis. 5% interest per month will be charged for late payment of account-holding customers.
  8. All Combustion units brought into Mowcare will have there fuel drained to avoid fire hazard.


  • Our quotation is based on our initial diagnosis without stripping the unit down to its base, which could incur additional and unnecessary expenses.
  • The customer acknowledges our in-shop sign which details our companies field of specialization, and that by accepting a request to repair the other brands we cannot assume liability for additional costs which may need to be incurred.
  • All goods are left at the owners discretion. Mowcare accepts no responsibility for loss, theft, damage or any circumstance which may affect the goods.


A machine dependent strip and quote fee will apply in the following instances:

  • should a machine be beyond repair.
  • should an estimate / quotation not be accepted.


  • WE DO NOT SHIP STIHL MACHINES, THEY MUST BE COLLECTED IN-STORE. (If we need to cancel your STIHL machine order and refund you, due to you not being able to Pick Up in-store, we reserve the right to deduct the Bank Fees/Commissions incurred on the sale.)
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